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Προϊόντα Συστήματα συναγερμού Ενσύρματοι Πίνακες

Rosslare P-6C
Εμφάνιση Μεγάλης Εικόνας

Rosslare P-6C

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The AuraSys P6 is a compact and expandable alarm control panel with six hardwired zones (12 with zone doubling) and two PGM outputs. It is expandable for up to 16 zones and six outputs, and supports up to four remote keypads.

The AuraSys P6 is ideal for a wide variety of residential installations, including condominiums and apartments, and for small commercial applications like shops and offices.

A simple user interface allows you to access powerful and advanced features.

AuraSys P6 panels are compatible with Rosslare’s MatrixBus protocol products, allowing seamless operation with a wide variety of accessories and expansion products, including LED and LCD keypads, voice communicators, PGM, and zone expansion boards.


  • Six on-board alarm zones expandable to 16
  • On-board zones have zone doubling (up to 12)
  • Two partitions for zones and reporting and one common partition
  • Two intelligent PGM outputs operate on events or by a scheduler
  • 16 user codes + one installer + two master codes (1 per partition)
  • Modulated sounder output
  • backup battery charger
  • Quick / Instant / Force / Bypass arming modes
  • Optional digital telephone PSTN and voice communicator (MD-64) for easy Web content management


  • Flexible, fully programmable PGM automation features
    • Compatible with MatrixBusaccessories
    • Advanced false alarm prevention features
    • Two central station numbers (main and backup) and three programmable private telephones with event report filtering – per each partition
      • Programmable communications self test
      • Memory key supports six different configurations
      • Under-voltage and over-voltage battery protection
      • Built-in 2400-Baud modem for uploading and downloading, including FLASH Firmware upgrade from remote

      Ο συναγερμός περιλαμβάνει ενσωματωμένο τηλεφωνητή και αποκωδικοποιητή.