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Προϊόντα Συστήματα συναγερμού Aσύρματοι ανιχνευτές
Rosslare P-6CROSSLARE KE - 30

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The heart of the SA-14 is a built-in supervised wireless transmitter utilizing ionization sensing technology, a built-in local Piezoelectric siren for alarms, that also beeps to indicate a low battery condition. On the top of the unit, there is a self-test button with an integral LED. The unit will beep every 60 seconds when the battery is low.

The SA-14 Wireless Smoke Detector comes in one package with the integrated SA-13 RF Base, adaptor, and two new 9-Volt Alkaline batteries (one for the sensor and one for the Base). The unit is ready to install and enroll with any one of Rosslare’s wireless security and automation panels, or universal receivers at the press of the test button.

When sufficient smoke is detected, the detector will sound its alarm and the transmitter will send an alarm message to the security system.


  • Sensitive particle optical sensor for superior smoke detection
  • Fully supervised: RF signal sent to control unit every 20 minutes
  • Low battery RF sensing and reporting signal
  • Removal of the Smoke Detector from the base tamper detection
  • Ultra-low battery consumption
  • Local Piezoelectric siren and beeper
  • RF base low battery signal
  • Compact and inconspicuous elegant design
  • Twist on/twist off detector head for easy installation


  • Multi-application base unit (SA-13)
  • RF long range special antenna construction for 200 to 250 meters open space range with selected panels
  • Adjustable RF power and frequency to produce units to meet the requirements of almost any country
  • Base LED visual indication: Flashes during the transmission to show that the base unit RF function is OK
  • Available in 433.92MHz & 868.35MHz