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ROSSLARE PYR - 2011SIEMENS Voice Programer

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The XR-16/XR-16A MatrixBus expansion module is an external board that can be mounted on Rosslare’s hardwired panels or function as a stand-alone product.

Designed for easy installation and operation, the XR-16 module features state-of-the-art RF transceiver technology that adds the power of wireless to hardwired control panels.

Once the expansion module is connected to the main panel, up to ten sensors can be added to the zones on the panel via the LCD or LED keypad.

The MatrixBus XR-16/A is crafted to the highest manufacturing standards out of the finest materials under Rosslare’s ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality standards.


  • Highly stable on-board “inverted F” antenna allowing for accurate tuning
  • On-board terminal blocks for connecting to the bus with four wires
  • Double tamper switches for both cover and wall tamper detection
  • Integrated RF jamming detection of radio signal attack on the panel
  • Backed by Rosslare’s International Guarantee and service with ISO9001 (Certified TUV Rhineland) level business and manufacturing operations
  • Fully programmable
  • Transceiver supports two-way RF signals simultaneously
  • FLASH firmware upgradeable
  • Compatible with Rosslare’s wide range of Wireless Devices at 868.35 MHz (H-series) and 433.92 MHz (G-series)


  • AuraSysTM  P6  6 to 16 zone wired panel (XR-16)
  • AuraSysTM Lite  L-4, L-4K, L-4PCBA and L-6PCBA with up to 4/6 wireless zones depending on the panel (XR-16A)


  • SA-01 Standard Wireless PIR
  • SA-01P Wireless Pet Immune PIR
  • SA-02 Wireless Magnetic Contact Sensor
  • SA-32 Cylindrical Wireless Magnetic Contact Sensor
  • SA-33 5-Button Remote Control
  • SA-04 Wireless Emergency Button
  • SA-26/27/28 Remote Controls
  • SA-19 Wireless Glass break detector
  • PYR-2011/3011 Advanced Wireless PIRs
  • SA-14/15/16/17/34/36/37 Wireless Smoke/Heat Sensors
  • SA-20 Wireless Vibration Detector
  • SA-29 repeater
  • SA-80 Wireless Siren and Strobe Enunciator
  • KE-30 Bi-directional wireless keypad

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