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Προϊόντα Συστήματα συναγερμού
Bullet έγχρωμη κάμερα BI-CMOS3652WROSSLARE PYR - 2023

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The SA-33 Remote Control is a handy, miniature, high-quality RF product is packed with intelligent wireless system features and modern design. It is perfect for controlling up to five functions when used with Rosslare’s Wireless Security Control Panels or RF Receivers.

The SA-33’s many features include five programmable buttons, set by default for remote control Arming, Partial Arming, Disarming, Panic and general purpose transmissions, LED for RF transmission indication, and a battery life of up to three years.

The SA-33 uses a widely available, replaceable, long life battery and is compatible with Rosslare Security products from the related Series (H-Series: 868.35 MHz, G-Series: 433.92 MHz).


  • 3 Volt long life replaceable battery (Model CR2450 Standard Lithium cell Battery)
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse comfortably
  • LED indicator visually confirms a good transmission signal and the battery status
  • Available in three colors: Black, White and Silver
  • Five buttons for remote control transmissions: Arming, Partial Arming, Disarming, Panic and fifth button can be configured in the hosting panel


  • 16 million ID codes embedded ensuring that multiple units can be used within a single system installation
  • Microprocessor and SMT Designed electronics for high quality and superior performance
  • Programmable buttons
  • Water resistant

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